Leadership is what I DO!

This question provided the most smiles during my leadership conversations.  Here’s a taste of what these inspiring people are doing…


I come in engergised each morning.

I bring along the next group of people.  I lead by example, so people will want to work with me. I try to keep people engaged and champion the strategy.  (Otherwise, they’ll leave when the jobs market is buoyant.)

I use different communication styles with different people. I keep them in the loop with regular clear communication.  I don’t know everything – I’ve learned to be a good listener. After a company takeover, I was brought in to help manage the integration – it taught me to be authentic. People spot a fake a mile off!

I manage stress and pressure, being mentally tough balanced with emotional intelligence. I look for absolute clarity for the team through their managers.

I think about the big picture and how to achieve it through other people. I bring diverse people together to collaborate – I make sure everybody’s voice is heard.  I help people come up with their own solution.

My mantra – spend time with people, help them, don’t beat them up when things go wrong. Create team spirit, build morale, celebrate wins.  I push to get things done that need to be done.  I communicate, we share the plan have a common mission.


I work with the RNLI and on community projects.
I run a Taekwondo club for 5 to 75 year-olds.


Lead by example. Ask questions and listen to the answers.   Tell the truth. Celebrate even small successes and make people feel part of the win. Treating people equally ≠ treating them the same. Allow others to blossom. Thank them for their effort. We show leadership by the way we interact with others.  It’s not about me, it’s about how I interact with OTHER PEOPLE.

Please add your leadership in action examples for others to see below.

That’s the end of this series of blogs based on Women in Leadership interviews.  Next week will bring a new theme.

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