Women only? Controversial!

Men not allowed
Men not allowed?

The question: “WHAT IMPACT DOES BEING A FEMALE-ONLY PROGRAMME HAVE?”  Here’s what they said.

ANTI: It indicates a limited mindset.  Danger of reinforcing segregation. Why no men? It would turn me off. I see it as divisive.  It gives men ammunition, “Playing the woman card”. I’m not a huge fan, the workplace has men and women. Why would you want to? Don’t pigeonhole me. Can engender resentment and jealousy.  Issues should be addressed by men too! I want balance. I want a leadership programme, not “Women in Leadership”.

PRO: Its liberating. They understand imposter syndrome.  There’s a different level of openness. I like the company, the feeling that “it’s not just me”.

CONFLICTED:  It’s likely to be more honest and open, BUT female-only is considered personal, not professional development.  Isn’t there a movement away from female-only anything?  On the other hand, its more inclusive and trusting.  I would have said no in the past, but think there’s a need. It’s not for me, but could be for others.

Fear not gentlemen, ladies aren’t clamouring to exclude you.  My experience facilitating programmes is that women contribute more actively in a female-only group.  Remember: women only ≠ down with men!

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28th January 2021

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