You Don’t Have to Play Golf to Build Your Network

A diverse network expands a woman's horizons
A diverse network expands your horizons

Interviewees are clear – developing a strong network is vital AND requires effort.  It’s not I’d like to join your LinkedIn network or collecting business cards.  Networking is a verb.

Many professional women regard traditional, male networks as inaccessible. It’s a limiting belief to regard networking events and family commitments as “either or”.  Networks come in different forms.  Actively nourishing your network deepens and broadens it, nourishing you in return.

Respondents use networks to gain experience, expertise, community, support, sounding boards and finding my tribe. They see it as a key element of leadership, providing broader vision and alternate views.  Networking is giving a well as receiving.

Find a network to fit YOU. It doesn’t have to be women-only or have a formal structure. Industry bodies, business groups and education provide great opportunities. Think beyond your immediate department and organisation.

TIPS: Stop pitching – have conversations. Being generous with your knowledge benefits others. It builds relationships and trust.  Good Manners are priceless. Let people know how you got on, THANK them.

Please share your tips and recommendations. #cultivateher #leadership

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Blog 22nd January 2021

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